(strategic action that creates huge momentum)

We’ve found that entrepreneurs who work together at the same time accomplish more than when compared to working by themselves.

Each week we’ll host a Power Hour Worksprint to focus on one key area that will create huge momentum in your business. In these Coaching + Coworking sessions, we’ll focus on a business-building theme that supports your WIN-WIN (What Is Now + What Is Next).

The Power Hour Worksprint will begin with a “Confidently Coaching Session” hosted by our certified Coaches. Your Coach will quickly and simply break down the theme of the week and show you exactly what to focus on in the upcoming worksprint, with a special emphasis on explaining the points of the theme you have questions on.

You’ll then jump into the thick of it, taking action to create serious momentum in your business.

Here’s the themes we’ll be covering throughout the year:

90 Day Launch Plan

Set a big goal and break down exactly how you’ll achieve it.

Marketing Systems & Technology

Identify the flow for your marketing systems then set them quick, fast and in a hurry.

Landing Pages that Convert

Create an irresistible freebie that pre-qualifies ideal clients to increase your sales conversions.

7 Day Slay 

Manage your weekly work schedule productively so you only focus on what matters.

Messaging Angles

Build the messaging catalog that can be repurposed into content, curriculum, training and speaking opportunities.

LinkedIn Connections

Build your list of highly qualified leads by leveraging the best social platform for business.

TEM Matrix

Identify the highest revenue generating activities that make the biggest impact.

Market Research

Use the highly effective method that lets you read the diary of your audience to understand exactly what they want and need.

Persuasive Copywriting

Get really good at putting together the words that will make your audience throw money at you.

On Brand Offer Mix

Package your offer to clearly communicate the value it provides to your audience so more people buy.

Ca$h Calendar Social Schedule

Map out your social posts in advance so you know exactly what to write about every single day.

Subject Lines + Headlines

Craft curiosity invoking titles that will drive your audience to open and read every email you send.

Brand Voice

Develop the brand voice that will make you stand out from the competition.

Overcoming Buyer Objections & FAQ’s

Gracefully navigate the crunchy parts of the selling process so your client feels seen and you get paid.

TESS Storybanking

Build a deck of go to stories you can use to demonstrate you’re the expert people want to work with.

Consistent & Confident Social Content Creation

Create social content that you can re-use time and time again.

Sales Call Scripts

Build the sales script that will elegantly help your client see your the best choice to help them.

Client Testimonials & Case Studies

Leverage social proof as credibility markers to show your audience just how good you are.

Develop Your USE Case

Build the framework that shows your audience you have a simple, repeatable method to help them achieve success.

Pitching the Media

Craft your story into juicy pitches that every journalist will want to feature.

How to Hire

The most effective method to find, vet, hire, and track a new team member to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Leading a Values-Driven Team

Get clear on key performance indicators to create a high performance team that’s in alignment with your company goals & values.

Partners & Referrals

Build a structure that makes it easy to connect with partners and past clients to generate referral based clients.

Launching a Challenge

An end-to-end understanding of launching a challenge that converts like gangbusters.

Launching a Webinar

An end-to-end understanding of launching a webinar for both live audiences and evergreen lead generation.

Time Study / Audit

Maximize your creative flow & energetic output by identifying how you spend time in your business.

Reactivate & Clean Your Email List

Keep your email list clean and engaged by following simple, easy to implement email strategies.

We reward those who take action
to get what they want!

At the end of the Power Hour Work sprint you’ll submit your work to be entered into our monthly prize drawing where you’ll have a chance to win Brand Swag, Advanced Business Resources, 1:1 coaching, and so much more. We reward people who take action to get what they want by giving them support to get what they want; easier and faster.

Each session will be facilitated live by a Confidently Concierge to keep your momentum and focus on track. (And you never know who might surprise you with a drop-in visit… hotseats from Jen Kem, anyone?)
Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll get done in our worksprints together.


(real time direction to understand what’s working + what’s not in the world of marketing)

The world of business is always changing.

Businesses that succeed are aware of this, paying tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants who specialize in identifying what’s coming next and implementing cutting edge best practices.

All things you’ll get when you enroll into this program:

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Strategy Town Hall with Jennifer Kem1 each month

It’s one thing to know what’s working now. It’s another thing to know what’s going to work next.

Each month CEO and renowned brand strategist, Jennifer Kem, will identify trends she’s seeing in the marketplace so you’ve the insights to best capitalize on and stay ahead of upcoming trends, fads and slumps.

Systems Town Hall with Sarah Paikai1 each month

Scale is when you’re able to achieve the same results for less time, energy and money. The only way to do this is to create simple, repeatable structures that make everything more efficient.

Each month COO, Sarah Paikai, will share the results of the new workflows and systems she’s testing in our business and in the businesses of our 7 & 8-figure clients.

Strategic Planning3 each year

The businesses that consistently win do so because they proactively plan their goals and how they’re going to achieve them. Something we’ll do with you three times each year.

In this three hour digital training that happens roughly every four months, we’ll come together to set business goals, review what’s happening in the marketplace and create plans that create real results.

In-Person Live Events1-2 each year

There’s nothing better at creating huge, tangible momentum in your business than surrounding yourself with like-minded people, in-person, for masterminding, training and belly to belly conversations.

When you enroll into Confidently Online, you’ll receive first in line access to every live event we host - meaning you’ll get first dibs on a ticket while saving $1k+ on its price.

It’s wild, we know.


(Or should we say the best community & club in the entire online universe?)

Entrepreneurship is lonely. “Normal people,” like friends and family don’t understand the burning desire we have to be in charge of our lives. They value security and stability over control and freedom. In fact, relying on them for advice & support usually undermines our confidence.

That’s where the Confidently Online Community comes in. We’ve people from all walks of life, race, ethnicity & professional experience, all tied together by one simple idea – the desire to help people solve problems and make a lot of money doing it. Our community has become a place full of lifelong friendships, professional colleagues, referral partners and even new clients.
You’ll fit right in. #StrongerTogethe
When you enroll into Confidently Online you’ll immediately be directed to schedule a 1:1 onboarding call with a Program Concierge. In this call you’ll discuss the obstacles separating you from your business goals before devising a plan to use the program to find maximum success.
But obviously, things don’t always work out the way you plan (…because life). This is why you’ll be able to sign up for a 1:1 check in every quarter to reset your direction and focus on what you need to succeed.


(copy & paste strategies so you make more without having to work more)
Expand AllX Modules00:00:00
Track Your Success4 Modules02:30:58
Success comes to those who are able to change what didn’t work and tweak what did work so it works better, faster, and cheaper. Here you’ll learn to identify and measure the areas of your business that when improved will create massive results.
Yes Machines!3 Modules02:13:36
The exact project plans, campaign briefs,email/video/social media swipe copy for what our team has launch-tested and client-approved in the 3 YES MACHINES (Challenges, Webinars, and Live Events) we use to market and sell our expertise online and offline.
Trust FunnelModules06:00:00
A high-converting sales strategy built on demonstrating that your business is trustworthy. In this workshop you’ll learn to and build a trust-infused sales funnel.
Strategic Power Plan2 Modules06:00:00
An in-depth workshop for Experts who want to achieve predictable success online with clarity and confidence, even in an unpredictable world. Here you’ll build a clear plan that maps out what’s absolutely necessary for you to make $10k+ each month.
Copywriting Confidently1 ModulesN/A
Copywriting is the most important skill in the entire world of business building. Here you’ll learn to craft the words that get your audience to hop up out their seat to jump with joy because they found someone who finally gets them.
Branding Confidently1 ModulesN/A
If you want your visual assets to match the essence of your message and marketing, you need to take inventory of what your brand stands for so you can create graphics on your own and/or direct a graphic designer to help you translate it. We give you the same Aesthetics Assessment we use whenever we onboard a graphic designer on our team, which helps us communicate what we desire much more clearly.

And Did We Mention Each Year 100 Clients Get Lifetime Access to the Entire Program

“Wait, you’re saying that I’ll be able to access everything in this entire program forever?!?”

That’s Right.

The first 100 people who enroll this year will get access to the curriculum, community, consulting and coaching + coworking sprints live and in real time, for as long as we have this program.

When life throws you a curveball or other priorities require your attention, we’ll be here waiting to welcome you back with open arms.
(Every enrollee after the first 100 will receive access to this program for the next 12-months.)



# OF



Schedule a call today to see if this program is for you.

Simple. Effective. Results-Driven.
Customized to Your Unique Experience

Many business programs on the internet hold back critical information necessary for success. Or it’s filled with fluff that makes their clients feel good but doesn’t actually lead to real business results.

It keeps people stuck in the belief cycle that is, “If I just buy [insert name here] and learn [insert business tactic here], it will fix all my problems.”

More often than not, it only leads to what we call “The Dropbox Cemetery,” where the Business Gurus make a profit, and you’re left wondering what to do next.

That’s not how Confidently Online works.

We focus solely on what’s required to achieve sustainable success. We don’t hold anything back or add in extra fluff. We’re big proponents of protecting your most precious resources: time, energy and money.

We only care about giving you the confidence to implement the strategies that will achieve your business goals as effectively as possible.

If it doesn’t help you succeed, then we don’t care about it.

Client Testimonials

“My goal was to make 6-figures. I doubled it.”

Equipped with when Jen taught me and my assistant… the support of her and her team… the numbers were insane.

Everything was beyond what I could have imagined. The numbers are crazy but honestly the numbers feel small in comparison to the actual impact I’ve had on my community.

Faith in God restored.
Sisterhood built.

I’m so FULL.

Maya Elious

Brand Strategist

“This is the first time I’ve had support to keep pushing through and keep moving forward.”

I’ve been stuck in this pattern of getting to this [launching] stage and stopping. My brain just felt fuzzy every time I would commit to launching. But this is the first time, in my life, I’m starting to feel some of that pattern and habit fall away. And I’m starting to feel the ease that comes on the other side that I’ve never felt before in my life. That fuzziness, it’s going away. This has honestly been life changing for me.

Melissa Wright

Truth and Alignment Coach

“Before I started working with Jen, I wasn’t publicly sharing my message.”

I didn’t know how to speak to my audience – I had no idea where to even start! But Jen changed that for me. One of the many things I learned from Jen is the importance of using stories that lead back to what your product is and that telling stories for the sake of a story doesn’t get you paid. Now, I’m crystal clear on the stories that I’ll be using and how they’ll be supporting my upcoming launch. So excited!
Nicole Tobon
Founder, Softball Students Mentorship

“I had to learn marketing. But how do I learn to market authentically?”

I wanted to learn how to do it effectively but also in a way that doesn’t turn me into a sleezeball… that’s when I came to know Jennifer Kem. I learned so much in her community about how to harness your authentic voice for the benefit of solving your customer needs. Thanks Jen for opening my eyes.
Julia Winston
Founder, Brave Leadership Consulting

“To think I hated sales calls when I first joined this community…”

I came up with a shorter, more leveraged mastermind option. I was just looking back at my notes/stats and saw that I talked to 19 people and closed 18 of them.
Heather Hubbard
Founder and President, All Rise LLC

“Doing these exercises sequentially is super powerful, and I’m loving these breakthroughs. ”

I’ve done a LOT of future visions, therapy and other mindset exercises. THANK YOU Jennifer Kem for building this step-by-step course.
Bianca Gignac
Founder, Italian Fix

“I’ve never felt so clear about sharing my message with my audience.”

I’ve spent most of my working career in the corporate world where everything was set up. Sure, I had to mold myself to fit the job but there was a clear direction on what was expected of me. When I moved into entrepreneurship, that wasn’t the case – especially for developing my message. Because of this, it’s been really hard for me to figure out my message. But for the first time ever, I feel clear on what my message is. I can’t wait to test it more.
Rein Leitch
Founder, Leitch Consulting

“I’ve learned so much about marketing my online business.”

I have a popular, highly respected brick and mortar business but I’ve been very hesitant about moving it online because it’s a whole new world. But in this course, I feel totally confident in what I’m doing to market my business online.
Michelle Choy
Child Development Expert

“I am just a few hundred dollars off from my first $10k month.”

I’ll probably end up hitting it by the end of the week. This program has put me on a path of, I can’t be stopped.
Dr. Angela Martin-King
Founder, SoulFire Coaching Academy

“My first client paid me $24,000!!”

Has a full-time job as a government worker

Was told to create a course for non-profit Directors who wanted to earn more grant funding

After enrolling, she switched from creating courses to offering services

Made $24,000 on her first client

Is now seriously padding her retirement with this lucrative side hustle

Lazandra Dial
Non-Profit Expert

“I just made $17,500 in new money!”

Struggled to enroll clients into working with him via his digital funnel

Repositioned his brand to focus on phone sales & in-person sales, converting 50% of prospects and earning $17,500 in new money

This win boosted his confidence tremendously and created cash flow to test his digital funnels

Yoram Baltinester
Performance Coach

“I made 6-figures from launching a brand new offer.”

Created a high-end, custom branded, done-for-you program to define her brand

Launched this brand new offer for the first time, making a cool 6-figures (because it fit the market)

Leanna Weller Smith
Founder and CEO of Productologie

“$5M in sales in less than 18-months.”

Needed a revenue engine to support their popular live event

Created an online marketing system that brought in new clients every month

Scaled business to hire 24 team members

Chris Winfield + Jen Gottlieb
PR Experts and founder of Super Connector Media

“Jennifer Kem helped me 7x my income over two years.”

Before working with Jen Kem and her team, I had been struggling for three years being stuck at $100,000 in revenue.

I was in the red. I had a hundred thousand in revenue with zero profit for three years in my business. I’m doing coaching and training for virtual experts. I had taken other very expensive coaching and I got stuff out of it, but it did not help me grow my business at all.

In the first year of working with Jen, my revenue went from $100,000 to $300,000. In just 1 year.

In the second year, my revenue went from $300,000 to $700,000.

Basically, in two years of working with Jen, I went from $100,000 to $700,000 in sales.

Kathy Goughenour
CEO of Expert VA Training