Basically, This Program is About Getting You Real Business Results

We help you become confident in your program and business by staying true to the very essence of who you are.

To do this, we’ll show you how to develop key assets:

Your business’s perfect program that your dream people will buy

Clear messaging and storytelling

A marketing strategy that’s on brand with your values

Launch implementation plan

High-converting sales conversations

An unshakeable confidence in yourself, your message and your mission

All while being cheered on by a community of entrepreneurs doing the work alongside you.

Imagine bringing the best of every mastermind, business building program and coaching program that people pay several thousand dollars for each year…

And paying only $10,000 a single time for all of it.

We know – it’s wild.

Meet The Creator of Confidently Online

Hi, I’m Jennifer “Jen” Kem, the CEO of Master Brand Institute.

Forbes has dubbed me as one of their “Top Brand Futurists”, Entrepreneur Magazine calls me a “Branding Genius” and CNN and CNBC have said I’m the “Go-To Expert in Building Brands and Businesses”.

But all these accolades mean one simple thing – I help people to turn their experience into an online business.

Since 2015 my company has been the premier support helping people build an online expertise based business.

From celebrity brands like Steve Harvey and the Oprah Winfrey Network to thought leaders like Rachel Rodgers and Amy Porterfield, to everyday people who just want to help others…

We’ve seen it all and we’ve helped them all to achieve their goals,

My team and I have created this program to help real people, like you, turn their skills & experience into a real business that makes money and changes lives.

To your success,



Confidently Online is perfect for you if:

You are a specialist in your industry, and want to create more income offering info-education, consulting and/or coaching packages digitally…

You are an owner of a brick and mortar or e-commerce store that wants to build a leveraged online info-business so you never have to worry about world events stopping your income again…

If you are an artist or creative, who has a skill to teach and wants to use an online platform to do so…

If you have written a book or are a professional speaker that wants to share your methods beyond the printed page or stage…



Confidently Online is not for you if:

Believe deep down that your expertise & experience can’t solve people’s problems

Like to learn but don’t like to take action

Are more committed to being perfect instead of being enough
Prefer to sit in confusion instead of finding a solution

Have spent money on other programs and are jaded about what you can achieve

Believe you can’t make $2,000 each month over 6-months to pay for your monthly payment plan to get lifetime access to everything in this program

We wish you luck on finding a support system to further your business building journey.

Because this program is NOT for you.

More Client Testimonials

Yoram Baltinester

Performance Coach

“I just made $17,500 in new money!”

Struggled to enroll clients into working with him via his digital funnel

Repositioned his brand to focus on phone sales & in-person sales, converting 50% of prospects and earning $17,500 in new money

This win boosted his confidence tremendously and created cash flow to test his digital funnels

Lazandra Dial

Non-Profit Expert
“My first client paid me $24,000!!”

Has a full-time job as a government worker

Was told to create a course for non-profit Directors who wanted to earn more grant funding

After enrolling, she switched from creating courses to offering services
Made $24,000 on her first client Is now building her retirement fund with her successful side hustle
Leanna Weller Smith
Founder and CEO of Productologie
“I made 6-figures from launching a brand new offer.”
Created a high-end, custom branded, done-for-you program to define her brand
Launched this brand new offer for the first time, making a cool 6-figures (because it fit the market)
Grew her business to making 6-figures each quarter

“Over the course of three days, I closed an extra $100k in sales.”

She is different from everything I have ever seen in this industry. She knows marketing, which means you’re going to get seen, get heard and get paid.

Despite having the number one sales process for modern businesses, we need more people to know we exist. I need more people and more potential customers to be aware that Authentic Selling exists and can help them make more sales.

After my 1:1 call with Jen, I tweaked my launch and over the course of three days, I closed an extra $100k in sales.

I have been through every one of Jen’s programs. I assure you that what you learn in those programs is something that you will not learn anywhere else.

In this industry, Jen is a true expert. I highly, highly recommend Jen and anything she has to offer.

Kendrick Shope

CEO, Authentic SellingⓇ

More Straight Talk + FAQ’s

How long does it take for me to see results?

The typical participant with absolutely no entrepreneurial experience begins to see monetary results around day 34.

The typical participant with some entrepreneurial experiences begins to see monetary results around day 21.

However the speed at which results appear is based on how focused you are on consistently working through the materials and implementing what you develop.

What’s an “expert-based online business?”
An expert-based business is one in which the offer provided is based on your professional experience. This is packaged in ways such as consulting, coaching, training, teaching, creative, freelancing and it includes topics such as personal & professional development, playing the guitar, knitting, barbering hair, massage therapy, cooking, and group learning experiences to name a few.
Am I on my own here? Is this a DIY course? Do I get any type of support?

While the curriculum itself is self-paced, we have weekly coworking sprints to focus where your time and energy is spent. You can ask questions in the community where you’ll be supported by other students as well as faculty.

Will I fit into the Confidently community?
Absolutely. Entrepreneurship is lonely. “Normal people,” like friends and family don’t understand the burning desire we have to be in charge of our lives. They value security and stability over control and freedom. In fact, relying on them for advice & support usually undermines our confidence.

That’s where our community comes in. We’ve people from all walks of life, race, ethnicity & professional experience, all tied together by one simple idea – the desire to help people solve problems and make a lot of money doing it. Our community has become a place full of lifelong friendships, professional colleagues, referral partners and even new clients.

You’ll fit right in. #StrongerTogether

I’ve taken {insert big name course here}. Do I really need Confidently Online?
Potentially. Most courses teach a specific skill such as social media marketing or course creation. The issue is these skills are taught in a silo meaning they’re taught to be done, not taught to support your overall business goals. Without a clear throughline of how the course leads to your end goal, these courses tend to be distractions that appear useful but ultimately undermine your efforts.

In Confidently Online we break down every single thing that needs to be done in order of priority to achieve your goals. It’s an entire system broken down into individual steps to package, market and sell your professional expertise & personal experience.

Is this a membership or subscription program?
No. This is a program that comes with lifetime access to the curriculum, coaching, community and co-working sprints.
Is there an opportunity to get live 1:1 coaching or consulting in this program?
No. However we do offer 1:1 coaching & consulting as a prize for those who are eligible to win based on their performance in their business. We incentivize business building by providing diamonds which serve as points to be entered into our monthly drawings. One of the prizes is 1:1 coaching & consulting with a member of the Confidently Faculty who is best suited to your needs.
Do I already need to have a web site and/or social media profiles set up?
No. We’ll walk you through the process of identifying the tool most supportive of your goals then rolling out the strategy to fully maximize it.
Is this program just for new(ish) entrepreneurs?
No. This program has helped 5, 6 & 7-figure earners refine their marketing & sales systems to generate more results for less effort.
Will this work for me if I’m already making 6-figures or more in my business?
Yes. This program will help you to refine and fine tune core areas of business like your message, marketing mechanism and sales flow to generate more results for less effort.
What if I have a product-based or e-commerce business? Will this program help me?

Maybe. If your business is only staying in physical products then this is not an ideal fit for your needs.

However if your goal is to combine products with your professional experience to create a result, then this will work.

Examples of this include:

  • Being a reiki practitioner who sells crystal to lengthen results from energy work
  • Being a confidence coach who sell lipstick as a tool to remind clients they’re confident
  • Being a knitting facilitator who sells yarn & knitting templates to help clients practice their technique
  • Being a yoga instructor who sells guided meditations to provide clients opportunities to clear their energy between sessions
Will this work if I have a brick and mortar business?
Maybe. If your brick and mortar only sells physical products such as clothing or crystals, and you’d like to keep it that way, it is not an ideal fit for your needs.

If your brick and mortar sells professional services such as massage, energy work, dance & acrobatics, yoga, barbering or some other service, Confidently Online will help you to generate more traffic online and maximize profit from each client in-person.

How much time should I expect to commit to finish the program?
We’ve found clients who dedicate 10 hours each week over 90 days find the most success.

It may sound like a lot but 10 hours each week is the sweet spot for both working through the materials to develop strategies, systems, assets, etc while also being able to actually enroll & serve clients.

How long do I have access to the program?
Your purchase of Confidently Online comes with lifetime access to the curriculum, coaching, community and the co-working sprints.

As long as the internet and our company exists, you will have access to the materials.

How long do I get access to the Facebook group?
You have lifetime access to the Facebook group.
Do I have to be tech-savvy to succeed in the program?
No. You do need basic technology skills like how to use your phone, your computer and the willpower to stumble through new things. The strategies we implement in regards to technology, automation, integration, etc is as basic as possible to make it easy for clients to understand it.
What’s your refund policy?
Unfortunately, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. We understand that this program may be a moment of realization for those who believed entrepreneurship was their calling.

If, after you enroll into this program, you aren’t 100% satisfied with the value it provides, simply send an email to the support team 1) within the first 30-days of enrolling into this program and, 2) include the completed worksheets for modules ##.

Once received you’ll be immediately issued a 100% refund No questions asked.

We’re not interested in holding people’s money hostage when they no longer believe in themselves.



What you’ll receive when you enroll:

Curriculum ($10,000 Value)

##:##:## hours of best practices and strategic direction methodically broken down into individual steps you can replicate to create, market and sell your business’s perfect program.

Every single thing you need. If it isn’t included, it isn’t necessary.

Coaching & Co-Working ($10,000 Value)

Weekly, facilitated group sprints to demystify common obstacles, and get clear on what’s working right now to create massive momentum in your business. Walk away with real, tangible assets to move your business forward.

Come here to get sh*! done.

Consulting ($60,000 Value)

Strategic insights from the CEO & COO of an 8-figure company who are asked to audit, refine, elevate and scale other 7 & 8-figure companies.

These clients pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to discover what you get for a fraction of the price.

Community ($4,000 Value)

Surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to building a business based on their uniqueness.

Develop life long friendships and business contacts.

At the End of the Day,

We’re Going to Guide You Through the Process to Create the Perfect Program for Your Business Using Your Professional Expertise & Personal Experience to Solve Real Problems for Real People