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“My goal was to make 6-figures. I doubled it.”

Equipped with when Jen taught me and my assistant… the support of her and her team… the numbers were insane.

Everything was beyond what I could have imagined. The numbers are crazy but honestly the numbers feel small in comparison to the actual impact I’ve had on my community.

Faith in God restored.
Sisterhood built.

I’m so FULL.

Maya Elious

Brand Strategist

So What Are These Best Practices and Foundational Rules to Market and Sell Confidently?

Instead of wasting time, energy, attention and money building a new website, trying to figure out a funnel, writing a book/e-book, growing your Instagram/YouTube/Facebook, developing a webinar, getting media, blah blah blah…here are the 4 levers you need to pull to make any of those things work:



Building Block #1


Identifying the true motivations that you access to achieve the business goals and life dreams; and releasing the mental blocks and gremlins so you can get there. We call this being a “values-driven” business owner.

Building Block #2


Crafting your message in an integrated, laser way that highlights your expertise, experience and unique stories that make you both approachable and authoritative in your niche. Most of all, learning to communicate that to your ideal paying clients.

Building Block #3


Building a traffic and conversion strategy specific to your offers, with our proprietary Momentum Map that helps you launch with predictable results to the right audience that wants more of what you have – and builds your personal and professional brand at the same time.

Building Block #4


Developing an Attention, Acquisition and Retention strategy by building a Sales System that converts followers into paid clients by having clear packages, offers, programs – and makes the enrollment process easy.


Facts don’t lie, and neither do I.

Once you have these dialed in, you’ll be CONFIDENTLY marketing, selling and offering your expertise to the world with a whole new swagger.

CONFIDENTLY was built SPECIFICALLY to cure the internet madness and overwhelm and return your business to you – so that you can communicate what you do to the right people in the right place at the right time.



(some of you need direct mentorship, if you want that, we have that for you too)

CONFIDENTLY will walk you step-by-step so that you can apply the custom and unique buildprint for your online expertise business and get more clients on demand now and forever more.

Over 1,000 business owners who’ve worked with us can’t be wrong…

“To think I hated sales calls when I first joined this community…”

With Jen’s help, I came up with a shorter, more leveraged mastermind option. I was just looking back at my notes/stats and saw that I talked to 19 people and closed 18 of them.

Heather Hubbard

Founder and President, All Rise LLC

It’s Confident Time

Choose How You Want to Grow Your Online Expert Business Confidently with these Win-Win Options:

Course + Community
Have your first $10k+ month

The Confidently Method Course – All 4 Modules + Starting Point Success Map ($2,997 Value)

Online Learning Platform with Built-In Accountability and Lifetime Access ($997 Value)

Complete Video/Audio/Written Transcription of all Curriculum ($997 Value)

Complete Workbooks with Templates/Maps/Swipes ($997 Value)

Monthly Club Office Hours with Confidently Coaches for 3 months ($997 Value)*

Community Club on Facebook ($197 Value)

*you can extend your monthly group coaching in the Club Level if you know you want and need support on an ongoing basis!

Course + Community + Coaching + Consulting
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You receive EVERYTHING in the Club Level PLUS:

2 Strategic 1:1 Coaching Sessions with a Confidently Coach ($1,000 Value)

Monthly Group Strategy & Sales Clinics with Jennifer Kem directly for 12 months ($10,000 Value)

The Boardroom – Trimesterly 2-Day Strategic Planning Business Retreat in-person or virtually on the Master Brand Institute campus in the San Francisco Bay Area ($15,000 value)

A VIP Ticket Upgrade for ConfidentlyLIVE, our conference for small business owners that gives them an extra advanced training day with Jennifer Kem ($997 value)

Plus a Ridiculous Bonus Bundle that directly grows your business now:

Momentum Accelerator Kit

A 90 Day Plan to Market and Sell Immediately and Build In Success through Consistency
($497 value)

Copywriting Confidently

The Ethical Persuasion Handbook to Write High-Converting Web Sites and Landing Pages
($797 value)

Branding Confidently

An Aesthetics Assessment to Use for Your Online Visual Assets
($297 value)

Confidently LIVE Admission Ticket

The Conference for Experts Confidently Building their Brands and Business
($497 value)

The Trust Funnel Intensive

A high-converting sales strategy built on demonstrating that your business is trustworthy
($3,000 value)


For Smart Early-bird Experts you receive two Crazy-Good Incentives:

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Confidently On Camera + Home Studio Set Up and Scripts

$1,000 value

A masterclass on how to show up confidently on camera when you’re livestreaming and creating videos to market and sell your programs. And, a blueprint with tips on how to set up a simple yet professional home studio, a checklist on the equipment you need and where to buy them, and examples of our very own “Speaker Cheat Sheets” that allow me to speak and sell with peace and preparedness so that I can focus on getting results and serving the audience.

Rich Niche

The core of your cash flow is tied to making your offers to the richest niches to market to…so, let’s go!

$1,000 value

A masterclass and list of the top niches in the Master Niches: Wealth, Relationships, Health and Self, and how to carve a place for your offers to capitalize on what people who are interested in these areas respond to, and most importantly, BUY. If you’ve been wondering if your target market wants what you offer, this bonus will clear.it.all.up. Used with the Marketing Module on Confidenty, you’ll take the proven market research strategies we teach you, and help you uncover the actual language, ideas and content to help you create exactly what your ideal clients want – and make your marketing way more fun and systemized. This is what top Brand Strategists do for their clients (some of the top people online and Fortune 500 companies hire me personally and pay me $25,000 for one analysis) and I’ll teach you how to be your best Brand Strategist in this bonus. Now if that doesn’t make you Confidently market and sell, I have nothing else to offer you.


(wait, there’s more)

Yes Machine #1: Challenges

If you’ve heard that Challenges don’t work, au contraire let me tell you something that the experts you’re following online are doing right now – they are using 5-day challenges to demonstrate massive value, build a highly-engaged community that’s on fire, and to sell out their signature programs. One of my most popular (and more importantly, profitable) challenges – The Brand Story Challenge – has made the Master Brand Institute (our company) over $3 million in sales online with over 11,000 participants. You get the actual campaign brief, challenge outline and structure, emails, swipe copy for social and project plan of how we run this power-packed Yes Machine.

Yes Machine #2: Webinars

Webinars are the bread and butter of online marketing, but have you ever been to one where it was either a snore-fest, a pitch-fest or a hype-fest – and you didn’t want to show up like that and wondered how you can make yours both effective and entertaining, without feeling inauthentic or douchey? One of my signature webinars – the Paid to Be You Workshop – has made the Master Brand Institute (our company) up to 20% sales conversions (unheard of in the online world) with 4,000+ students in them. You get the actual campaign brief, webinar outline and structure, emails, swipe copy for social and project plan of how we run this power-packed Yes Machine.

Yes Machine #3: Live Events

The top experts, thought leaders and influencers online aren’t just using digital and social media means to market and sell – in fact, if you want to become a killer converter of your high-end programs, live events are the way to go. A live event doesn’t have to be a packed room with hundreds or thousands of people – you can have a $100,000 payday with less than 40 people in your room. With our signature method to fill-your-seats-fast and sell the right offer, our clients have done millions in dollars using this high-touch machine that also creates loyalty better than any other means.You get the actual campaign brief, live event outline and structure, emails, swipe copy for social and project plan of how we run this power-packed Yes Machine.

Let’s just say that if you invested in Confidently for the Bonuses and Incentives alone, we wouldn’t blame you.

Total Program + Bonuses Value: $17,069

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Pay In Full

Best Value!


Goes up to $2,997 when the early-bird countdown expires.Save $1000!

Best Value + You Receive the Exclusive Power Pack (3 Yes Machines) Bonus!

Payment plan

6 Payments of $349


Goes up to $549 when the early-bird countdown expires.

The course, the bonuses, Oh My!